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What We Do

We offer anything from tax preparation to simple bookkeeping to being your virtual CFO.


Financial Freedom

We want you to feel confident when you meet with your accountant. We strive for customer satisfaction.


Bookkeeping Services

I know bookkeeping isn’t the sexiest topic and a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners don’t like to think about it, but hear me out.

Great profits come from great decisions…

Great decisions come from a solid understanding of how money moves in your business…

Understanding your business comes from your financial statements…

And useful financial statements depend on a bookkeeping system that’s both accurate and up to date.

If you make decisions based on outdated numbers or numbers that are just plain wrong, how good will those decisions be? In my opinion, this actually makes bookkeeping pretty exciting.

Full Service Bookkeeping

After handling the bookkeeping off to a professional, you’ll have more time working on your business and not in your business. You can make decisions knowing that the financial reporting you are receiving is accurate as well as receiving professional opinions. Think of us not only as your bookkeeping, but as your business partner. We want you to succeed, because that makes us succeed. We’ll constantly be looking for ways you can increase profit and cut costs. All while looking for tax savings opportunities.

Bookkeeping Rates

Bookkeeping Rates

$350 Estimated Per Month
  • Full Service Bookkeeping
  • Accountant Categorizes Bookkeeping Entries
  • Budgeting Assitance
  • Monthly Reconciliations