Married Filing Jointly vs Married Filing Separately

Filing your taxes depends on your marital status and your financial situation. You could either file Married Filing Jointly or Separately. Here's an overview of the two filing statuses:  Filing as Married: Married Filing Jointly (MFJ):    - Pros:      - Generally, couples filing jointly often benefit from lower tax rates.      - Access to certain tax [...]

Business Tax Guide

Getting ready for tax season as a business owner in Tacoma? This simple Tacoma Business Tax Guide breaks down the process into easy steps, including how to handle important forms like W-2s for employees and 1099s for contractors. From gathering records to following tax rules, these steps will help businesses breeze through tax time. [...]

Working With a Tacoma CPA

It's always better to stay local. When you support your local hometown business, you'll get friendly, individualized service in return. Working with friends or neighbors is always preferable to paying a big, faceless corporate chain who cares more about your wallet than they do good customer service. That's why we hope you'll choose to work [...]

Understanding the Educator Expense Deduction

What Is the Educator Expenses Deduction? The educator expense deduction is an adjusted gross income assumption for trainers and other tutoring experts for up to a certain amount in out-of-pocket expenses. This deduction tolerates eligible instructors to subtract unreimbursed expenses related to education. What Expenses Can be Deducted? Most things you spend money on as [...]


What is Quickbooks Online? For every business owner, it is a thing of pride to watch your business start from scratch, grow to a midpoint level, and then finally expand beyond your wildest imagination. With the growth of your business, comes the added responsibility of balancing the books. From experience, we all know that it [...]

What it Takes to be Self Employed

What it Takes to be Self-Employed To become self-employed, you must have something to sell that will help you turn a profit, whether it's products or your services, physical or digital, online or offline. Becoming a self-employed individual requires you to offer something of value to clients and customers. You can also start a lucrative [...]

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