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Married Filing Jointly vs Married Filing Separately

Filing your taxes depends on your marital status and your financial situation. You could either file Married Filing Jointly or Separately. Here's an overview of the two filing statuses:  Filing as Married: Married Filing Jointly (MFJ):    - Pros:      - Generally, couples filing jointly often benefit from lower tax rates.      - Access to certain tax [...]

Do I Need to File My Income Tax?

With tax season, you may ask yourself "Do I Need to File My Income Tax?" Filing income tax is an annual responsibility that many individuals grapple with. The question of whether you need to file your income tax can be complex and depends on various factors. In this blog post, we'll break down the [...]

Business Tax Guide

Getting ready for tax season as a business owner in Tacoma? This simple Tacoma Business Tax Guide breaks down the process into easy steps, including how to handle important forms like W-2s for employees and 1099s for contractors. From gathering records to following tax rules, these steps will help businesses breeze through tax time. [...]

Form 1099 for Contractors

As we approach the end of the year, many folks, especially contractors, eagerly await the arrival of essential tax documents, including the often-mysterious Form 1099. Form 1099 for Contractors is like a series of financial snapshots used to report various incomes received throughout the year, excluding your regular salary. If you're a contractor, this [...]

Tax Prep Checklist: Essential Documents for Smooth Filing

Streamline your tax filing process and save both time and money by ensuring you have the necessary documents in order with this tax prep checklist. Whether you opt for professional assistance or choose the DIY route, here's a comprehensive tax prep checklist to help you stay organized. Stay organized, save time, and be confident [...]

Decode the W-2 Form and Tax Filing in Tacoma

If you're currently employed, you can expect to receive a W-2 form via mail shortly. This blog post aims to demystify the W-2, highlighting its significance in your tax preparation. We'll provide insights into how this vital tax document, especially with guidance from McKinley Tax Service, can be beneficial for your taxes. Understanding the [...]

Payroll Processing by McKinley Tax Service in Tacoma, Washington

Navigating Tacoma's business scene demands streamlined operations for sustained success. Payroll processing, requiring considerable attention, emphasizes efficiency. Picture redirecting focus to strategic initiatives while McKinley Tax Service handles payroll, enhancing productivity and competitiveness in Tacoma. Local Tacoma Expertise in Payroll Processing: When dealing with payroll, understanding local tax regulations is crucial. McKinley Tax Service, [...]

Year-End Checklist for a Stress-Free Tax Season

As we approach the end of the year, it's essential to prepare for the upcoming tax season. Being proactive with your financial planning not only ensures a smoother tax process but can also lead to potential savings. To assist you in getting organized, we've put together a comprehensive Year-End Financial Checklist. Whether you're an [...]

IRS Online Resources Individuals Should Know About

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) provides a variety of tools and resources online to help individuals and businesses navigate the tax system. Here are some common online IRS tools and resources offered: IRS Website: The main source for tax information. Access essential forms, publications, and online resources at www.irs.gov. Where's My Refund?: Track your [...]

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