Travis Tacoma CPA

It’s always better to stay local. When you support your local hometown business, you’ll get friendly, individualized service in return. Working with friends or neighbors is always preferable to paying a big, faceless corporate chain who cares more about your wallet than they do good customer service. That’s why we hope you’ll choose to work with a Tacoma CPA the next time you need help with your financial housekeeping.

Why Choose a Tacoma CPA?

There are multiple reasons to work with a local CPA over a large, corporate chain. Once you’ve experienced the differences, you’ll be glad you stayed close. Only a Tacoma CPA will give you the caring, personalized level of service a good friend deserves.

A Local CPA is an Expert in Local Tax Laws.

Whether you’re ready to open the doors on your own local business, or you’re still in the early stages of planning, your Tacoma CPA is the one best qualified to guide you through the confusing maze of local tax laws. This ensures you’re in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service in every way. Your local CPA can advise you on:

  • Income tax
  • Self-employment tax
  • Estimated quarterly tax
  • Sales tax on products and services
  • Property tax on your brick-and-mortar store front
  • Excise taxes on fuel, transportation, or communication
  • Payroll tax
  • Gross Receipts Tax

There are plenty more types of taxes you may need to know about when owning or operating a business within city limits. Your Tacoma CPA will guide you expertly through which ones pertain to you, specifically, and they’ll do it with a friendly smile.

A Tacoma CPA is a Convenient Option

Nobody wants to travel an hour or more every time their CPA needs a signature or has a question that can only be answered in person. When you trust your local CPA to manage your financial health, they’re always only a short drive away. Some may even be within walking distance of where you live or work. Staying close to home has more advantages than just keeping your money local. It can also save you a stressful commute to the next town over during peak drive times.

Supporting Your Tacoma CPA Promotes Local Job Growth

Every hometown needs a booming economy. Otherwise, it will falter, and the people in it will suffer financially. When you shop and eat locally and buy local services, you’re contributing to the financial wellness of the town you call home. More local customers mean more local jobs and more taxes going to help fund community programs such as fire stations, police barracks, and neighborhood parks. By trusting a Tacoma CPA, you may not only achieve financial independence more quickly than anticipated, but every session you schedule could be helping to improve your child’s school or build a new playground in the town square.

When you need the services of an expert certified public accountant, contact us. As a Tacoma CPA, we’re more than just your accountant, we’re your friend and neighbor, too. We’ll do much more than simply file your local, state, and federal tax returns. We’ll safeguard your financial future, and we’ll do it all from just one or two streets over. Call today to schedule a consultation.

If you’re ready to reach out for some help, please visit our contact page. You’ll be able to send us an email or give us a call.