What is Quickbooks Online?

For every business owner, it is a thing of pride to watch your business start from scratch, grow to a midpoint level, and then finally expand beyond your wildest imagination. With the growth of your business, comes the added responsibility of balancing the books. From experience, we all know that it is not fun. It’s also not easy. One calculating error can give you sleepless nights, with you rolling in bed, thinking where you got it all wrong. And when that starts happening too frequently, it’s time to opt for accounting software that will help you with the technical aspects of balancing the books.

We recommend Quickbooks Online. It is one accounting software developed for small and medium-sized businesses. It can accept payments, manage and pay bills and payroll functions. Let’s quickly look at the enormous benefits of switching to Quickbooks Online.

Quickbooks Online


QuickBooks Online Benefits

  1. Ability to work anywhere on multiple devices – Knowing you can always access your books from whatever device and from anywhere gives one this considerable relief. Whatever device you choose to work with – your personal computer, your smartphone or tablet, Quickbooks Online has got you covered. You can now take work with you anywhere. You can create a team privilege whereby colleagues and project members can log in and work with your data online.
  2. Expense tracking – Now with Quickbooks Online Mobile App, you can track and record expenses for tax. You will no more lose your physical cash receipts and invoices. With the photograph & save features, you’re covered in every aspect of your expenses.
  3. Automatic backups – You don’t have to worry about losing your data as an automatic backup feature backs up your data every day. Your records and figures will be duly updated, and you will never be out of tune with your vital business records.
  4. Secured data – With Quickbooks Online, maximum data security is guaranteed. The fears of losing your data to security breaches and hackers are over as this feature gives a 128-bit SSL encryption, equivalent to the security of financial institutions such as banks.
  5. Free Customer Service – You’re guaranteed customer service support from Monday – Friday (7:00 am-12:00 am) (GMT +8), with service representatives that are ever ready to answer your questions and attend to any technical challenges you might be encountering.
  6. Cash Flow Management – Quickbooks Online helps you pay your vendors as at when due. Now you don’t have to worry about meeting up with scheduled and recurring payments. You can configure such payments to be automatic. These save time and effort on your part.
  7. Accurate Accounting Reporting – Now, you can get a precise report of how your business is faring financially. Customizable reports will be sent to your dashboard for the follow-up action from you. This gives you the ability to make wise financial decisions and plan ahead of time.
  8. Invoicing – Your clients can be billed with professional invoices and sales receipts that can be sent in a matter of minutes. It gives a personalized branding and professional touch to your business.

In summary, getting integrated into accounting software is not as complicated as you think. With a few tutorials and professional help, you can hit the ground running. Your business needs it — enough of the paperwork. You don’t need any more of it. Get the Quickbooks Online software and enjoy more space, more money, more time and more organizational structure for your business. The investment is worth it.

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