The Receipt keeper is a financial app created by Czech android app developer Anatole Salenevich. Since its release seven years ago, Receipt Keeper has been downloaded over 500,000 times. This is unsurprising because it has a sleek classic design. It is also easy to use. The app is light so that it won’t eat up your phone memory or RAM. At 2.2MB, it will work on pretty much any android device. It is also free. Receipt Keeper is still in the beta stage (development). This means that Mr. Salenevich can fix some bugs and make improvements if necessary.

What does Receipt Keeper do?

This app archives your receipts as images so that you can access them on your phone whenever you want. It is easy to add a receipt. You can look at your expense in a chart, filtered by currency and/or period. It offers currencies of 14 major countries around the world and one more option “Undefined” if your country is not among the 14.

Getting started

  1. Step one: Download and install the app

Open Google Play Store on your Android device or the App Store on your iPhone. Then tap the search bar and type “Receipt Keeper.” It should be the first app on the list. Here is a screenshot of the app below.

Now tap Install, then wait for the app to download and install. It should take a few seconds depending on your reception.

  1. Step 2: Using Receipt Keeper

Open the app after installation. The first time you open Receipt Keeper, if your device runs Android 6.0 and above, you will be prompted to allow the app access to your storage. Tap YES. Then the app’s Homepage will open. Tap the three-dot icon at the top right of the Homepage. Two options will appear. Tap option two “Settings.” Then select “Currency by default” to select your default currency. Navigate back to the Homepage.

  1. Add a receipt 

Tap the add icon on the bottom right of the Homepage to open the Editor page. Scroll down to view options. Tap Camera to snap a photo of the receipt or tap the Gallery to add a receipt from your gallery. Tap the Date bar to add the transaction date. Tap the Time bar to add a transaction time (optional). Tap the Total bar to enter a value for the transaction. The bar beside this will display your default currency. Leave it if the currency is correct or tap to choose a different currency for the receipt.

The good

Technology has made bookkeeping easier. Receipt Keeper is small in size and easy to operate. You can easily find a receipt or review your expenses over a specific timeline. It also provides a tabulation of your expenses.

The Bad

  1. It is not password protected which is a problem if you are the kind who gives out your phone to others. Tech-savvy users can apply an external security measure to protect the app and their financial details.
  2. Ads: granted that this is a free app, the ads are not disruptive, but it is not for everybody.